Autobit Cake Decorating - Cold Porcelain Basic Skills [DVD]:Autobit
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Cake Decorating - Cold Porcelain Basic Skills [DVD]:Autobit

XtremeAuto Published in October 17, 2018, 12:14 pm
 Cake Decorating - Cold Porcelain Basic Skills [DVD]:Autobit

Cake Decorating - Cold Porcelain Basic Skills [DVD]:Autobit

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J. P. Turnbull
J. P. Turnbull Reply to on 23 July 2013
many different ways/symbols to use as patterns ...but does take a bit of don't leave it until the last minute to begin the star of the show at the party! BUT, once one can get to grips with each of the parts, then the effects can be just a little may need a bit of artistic skill, first!
Jazz Reply to on 10 December 2010
The Cake Decorating - Basic Skills for Beginners DVD is absolutely fantastic! It is very helpful and after watching it, I was able to bake a Celebration Cake and decorate it with sugar paste roses, hearts and frills. The cake looked stunning!

Thank you.

J. Kaits
DIANE Reply to on 23 January 2011
Although I am more than competent at making and decorating cupcakes, I wanted to broaden my skills to larger cakes and thought that this DVD, would help me have a'tutor' at home. I was pretty disappointed. The presenter refers to the content as a VIDEO which shows how long ago this was recorded. The pitcture quality is pretty poor and shaky, which makes it difficult to see what the demonstrators are doing at times. Due to the age of the 'video' the ideas are old fashioned, but I did learn a couple of things which is why I gave it two stars. Not worth the money though.
Maxine Whitehead
Maxine Whitehead Reply to on 3 March 2013
Another great DVD from Claire Webb (tutor). I would like to see the same picture on the DVD cover as the flowers that are listed, also a list of flowers on the DVD.
E. Ellick
E. Ellick Reply to on 27 June 2007
This DVD is full of very useful tips, advise and help. The instructor will explain so many details, while you can see her make a lily, longiforum lily and rose in easy to follow steps by step from start to finish.

The only negative thing I can really say about this, is the very poor quality of the recording, which looks like it was filmed on a camcorder, then put onto a DVD. But I have found this with all the DVD's I have bought so far from the Cake Decorating series. However, the fact that so much information is packed into this, makes up for the poor quality. Great for the beginner in cold porcelain.
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