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NeilMed Saline On the Go NasaDrops:Autobit

NeilMed Published in October 17, 2018, 12:22 pm
 NeilMed Saline On the Go NasaDrops:Autobit

NeilMed Saline On the Go NasaDrops:Autobit

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inthekitchenatparties Reply to on 30 October 2017
Although I love the Neilmed nasal rinse set, I bought this product to take on holiday as it seemed handy and portable, but it was impossible to get the contents out of the pre filled plastic applicators and into my nose! The applicators arrive joined together and have sharp edges when separated from each other, which could easily cut you. I can't imagine how this would work on a baby or a young child it was apparently designed for.
Neither can I comment on the effectiveness of the product itself, as I never managed to get any of the liquid out and ended up binning the lot.
Miss P. Bahth
Miss P. Bahth Reply to on 28 March 2017
Great for clearing out their noses and preventing stuffy dry congestion. I marked a star down because after one use the bottle has enough in for another but its a bit harder to squeeze up
Mr. S. Holmes
Mr. S. Holmes Reply to on 11 July 2015
This pack contains individual Saline Nasal drops each contained in a single use application
These were purchased for a friend who has nasal polyps
Kelsey B.
Kelsey B. Reply to on 23 November 2016
I travel for a living constantly changing climates and hotels. I found when I made a habit of irrigating my nose with these I stopped having sinus infections. It's just like a neti pot, but way less hassle and stress!
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