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Intex Purespa - 4 Person:Autobit

Intex Published in October 17, 2018, 12:47 pm
 Intex Purespa - 4 Person:Autobit

Intex Purespa - 4 Person:Autobit

Price:£570.00+ £19.95 shipping

Clifford Powell
Clifford Powell Reply to on 14 June 2015
Arrived on time, have used hot tub most days since setting it up which was straight forward, so far very pleased with purchase runs quietly too.
Mr M C
Mr M C Reply to on 9 September 2014
Fantastic does just what it says on its advertisements must be the best in its price range
Dan Reply to on 18 August 2013
Got this Spa delivered yesterday and im very impressed so far. Took Mr around 45 mins to set up but now I know what I'm doing I could probably do it in 20. The water also heated up in less than 12 hours.

The only negative is the pump is very noisy when circulating the water. Will post an update in a few months but so far so good!

UPDATE: 02/12/13

I have had to return this item to Amazon due to a fault with the pump. Initially contacted Intex but they were pretty unhelpful. I am getting a replacement so hopefully the fault was just a one off. I will continue to post updates.

UPDATE: 22/05/14

I now have another problem with the replacement spa that I received. The LED display unit has failed so you don't know what temperature is set and cannot turn on the bubbles. I have contacted Intex though and they has sent me a replacement screen so time will tell whether this problem comes back again.
Roy Connor
Roy Connor Reply to on 18 August 2014
Wow what a tub , very high quality , and excellent service and very quick delivery. Highly recommend.
Mr A J Chapman
Mr A J Chapman Reply to on 26 September 2014
I think it's fab my grandchildren love being in the spa
Scottdani2004 Reply to on 25 June 2018
Great when it works but not so great when the pump breaks a month after the Warrenty expires, and I'm not the only one to have this problem. They put a shitty little plastic plate in the pump which spins round and snaps and stops the pump working. Why not just use copper? It's stronger and won't affect the magnetic casing. Absolutly appealing. Us they never have the exact part in stock, they expect you to buy a whole new pump and fit it yourself for over £100. Absolutly disgusting. And their customer services are AWFUL. never bothering with intex ever again. I'm now left unable to repair it myself and have arthritis in my spine which was why I brought it in the first place but can't even use the bastard thing now. So upsetting.
A. J. Egerton
A. J. Egerton Reply to on 1 September 2016
Great fun when it works, but a pain to balance chemicals and goes through filters pretty quick, quite expensive to run and after 14 months the display has failed so it can't be used at all at present. Its quite noisy!
Hannah Brooke
Hannah Brooke Reply to on 23 August 2015
Arrived within 3 days, great quality product at a great price, definitely recommend
malcolm Reply to on 27 November 2015
I bought this to replace a Soft Tub which cost over £3000 10 years ago. I would say that this is superior for a fraction of the cost. I don't think it will last as long but it is easier to maintain and much quieter. Had a slight problem with pump and Intex replaced without any quibbles and I have had superb service since. Would not hesitate to recommend.
Graham Sampson
Graham Sampson Reply to on 28 September 2016
At first use product appeared robust and well made, but within 3 months several segments of the digital display failled to light, so temperature, fault code numbers etc became a guessing game. A replacement control tower was supplied under the guarantee so all was well for the remainder of the season.
Everything was cleaned and dried as per the manual and storred in my garage in the autumn until the following spring.
Put back into service this spring (2016) and within the month the led segments began to fail one by one.
Intex do not want you to get in touch with them if you have problems - you must go back to the dealer, and, surprise surprise, they don't want to know. Don't expect much assistance once the guarantee has expired. (12 months)
Also during cooler days in summer, the spa struggled to maintain it's temperature - so don't expect to use this outside year-round.
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