Autobit Hugfun Giant 53" Luxury Plush XL Teddy Bear:Autobit
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Hugfun Giant 53" Luxury Plush XL Teddy Bear:Autobit

2nd Era
2nd Era Published in October 17, 2018, 12:02 pm
 Hugfun Giant 53" Luxury Plush XL Teddy Bear:Autobit

Hugfun Giant 53" Luxury Plush XL Teddy Bear:Autobit

Price:£54.82+ Free shipping

Rob Bunker
Rob Bunker Reply to on 27 November 2015
Was really worried when buying this as obviously these beats cost a lot of money and even though the reviews were fairly good, the odd one here and there saying it was t up to scratch had me worried. I ended up buying this bear anyway for my girlfriend on our anniversary, turned up in this huge box, which I will say did seem to be a bit damaged, however the bear itself was fantastic, no rips or tears and was really soft, my girlfriend was basically the same size as the bear, looked fantastic! Would definitely recommend it!
Quinn Har
Quinn Har Reply to on 18 September 2017
If you are reading this review and wondering if you should get this sleeve, STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND GET IT.
I swear these are the best knee sleeves I have ever bought in my life, and I've bought plenty. Slingshot Strong, Evolutionize,
and even the Nike Combat is not comparable to this. Not only are these knee sleeves comfortable, but they are freaking tight.
It literally feels as if it is molded for my knee. I don't know if it is the mind muscle connection or if it is actually the
sleeves but my squat jumped up 20lbs and cracked my PR the moment I snapped these on. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND GET THESE.
You would be glad you did. Thank me too while you are at it
mpg Reply to on 7 October 2013
And so do I, he is HUGE and cuddly and absolutely fantastic value for money, every home should have one!!
Gaz the belter
Gaz the belter Reply to on 17 January 2018
H Gibbins
H Gibbins Reply to on 14 January 2018
Timothy Ghetto
Timothy Ghetto Reply to on 14 September 2017
Saw an ad for these on facebook so I finally picked up them. Ordered, came on time. I use for the 5x5 Stronglifts. Dope for sqauts and deadlifts
Dr. Sailesh Vadher
Dr. Sailesh Vadher Reply to on 5 May 2016
AMAZING bear - niece loved it and its become a permanent fixture on her double bed, would not fit on a single bed. Great quality, and soooooo soft!
B. Street
B. Street Reply to on 10 June 2015
By far her most favourite birthday present. Great 'impact' in terms of his size. She uses it to lie against to read.
charlotte Reply to on 10 February 2015
Got this for a 4 year old who opened it and threw himself on it. It's so soft and cuddly. Great present
Denise j anderson
Denise j anderson Reply to on 1 September 2016
Gran daughter loved this bear
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